viernes, 31 de julio de 2009

Shakira - Gustavo Celiz Habla De Su Trabajo.

Seven-time Grammy Award Winning Mix Engineer Gustavo Celis wrapped up mixes for the new Shakira singles She Wolf and Loba. The mixes were done by Celis at his own Elastic Mix Studios, The Hit Factory Miami & Compass Point in Nassau Bahamas.“This track is incredibly hot, with a killer beat and unbelievable vocals.It was truly awesome and a great honor to once again be a part of such a unique project. Shakira never ceases to amaze me with her endless creativity” - Gustavo CelisCelis also worked on the track with producer John Hill and recorded Shakira’s vocals in the Bahamas. The single was release July 13th and it already climbed to the #1 spot in the iTunes store. A preview of the music video can be seen at To listen to the song visi.

Fuente: Shakira Argentina.

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